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3 UAE florists changing the flower game

From bespoke creations, avant-garde bouquets and unique petals, these three UAE-based florists are changing our bloom style habits.


1. Darcey Flowers: From colourful dried stypha feathers to bold pink creations and uniquely crafted bouquets, this florist is your go-to for a creation like no other. 




2. Fleurology: This Abu Dhabi florist focuses on scents and the beautiful aromas of the petals. Their beautiful handmade bouquets make for a stunning centre piece to any home.


Darcey Flowers


3. Fine Blooms: Fine Blooms is renowned for its artsy, avant-garde style creations. Headed up by Creative Director Chloe Szukilojc their bouquets are a real masterpiece. 


Fine Blooms