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4 ways to tie Nuaimi fabrics

Looking for creative ways to wear Nuaimi fabrics? Here’s how-to-wear them in style. 


1. The Bandana Top: Take 1 metre of your favourite Nuaimi print fabric, fold into a triangle and place across the bust. Tie a firm knot at the back in your desired position. 


The Bandana Top



2. The Knot Bralette: Take 2 metres of your favourite Nuaimi print fabric and  fold lengthwise in half. Starting at the back, tie the fabric in a secure knot in the centre of your bust. Take the excess fabric and place one side across the top right and tuck into the back. Then take the bottom one and tuck into your trousers. 


The Knot Bralette



3. The Bandeau Top: Take 1 metre of fabric and tie a knot in the centre and place across the chest and pull around the back. Tie another knot at the back to secure.


The Bandeau Top



4. The Hair Tie: Take 1 metre of your favourite Nuaimi fabric and fold over until you create a thin piece. Place at the top centre of your hair tie and wrap the fabric around twice. Tie the fabric in a knot and allow the fabric to hang down to the side of the hair.



The Hair Tie

*Option to stitch together if you are creating your own garment pieces.