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How To Style Nuaimi Prints For Your Home

Stuck in an interior style rut? From wallpaper, cushion covers, table cloths and napkins, here’s three ways to style Nuaimi Prints in your home.


1. The Eclectic: Set against eclectic accents such as a quirky velvet chair or a flamboyant cushion the pink elephant print fits right in. Don’t be afraid to go bold and clash pink with rich jewel tones such as turquoise greens and decadent blues. Gold, copper and bronze finishings will also add an air of opulence to your room. 


The Eclectic



2. The Bohemian: Yellow is a happy colour and the dragonfly print will add touch of whimsical to the bohemian’s haven. Opt for furniture and lampshades made from natural elements such as wicker, rattan and light woods to enhance the nomadic spirit of the room. Wild flowers and pampas grass will add a perfect finishing touch.


The Bohemian



3. The Minimalist: The turquoise flamingo print set against concrete, shiny metals and clean white spaces will add a dramatic punch to any minimalist’s room. Choose design-led ornaments with clean lines to add that architectural vibe. Dare to add a feature wall with a contrasting green Pantone such as olive, sage or military. Furnishings in heavy fabrics such as leather and wool will create a sense of warmth and comfort against the cold concrete and metal accents.


The Minimalist