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DIY relaxing petal and milk bath

A petal and milk bath is the perfect way to distress and pamper yourself after a hectic day. Try this luxurious all-natural homemade milk bath recipe with petals. 

DIY Milk and Petal Bath


1. Run your bath water and pour in warm milk. Milk is perfect for all skin types including mature, dry and sensitive. It is also super nourishing and calming and will leave your skin feeling softer and smoother.


2. If you are looking for a more exfoliating treatment add a handful of Epsom salts to the running water.


3. Next, scatter the petals into the bath and allow the aroma of the flowers to fill your bathroom creating an at-home spa experience.


4. Now sit back, relax and watch your anxiety, anger and restlessness soak away. Make this your weekly ritual and switch up the petals or add in essential oils to calm or ignite your senses.


Here’s our guide to some of our favourite healing herbs and flowers: 


Lavender – helps aid sleep and calms nerves.

Rose petals – relaxes the body and refreshes the skin.

Rosemary – helps promote relaxation.

Sage – great for stiff sore muscles after a workout.

Mint – stimulates and heals skin.

Grated ginger – enhances blood flow to all parts of the body.

Chamomile – relieves pain and provides relief from insect bites.