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The contemporary brands re-defining supplements

As health is more important than ever, we highlight some of the natural, cult supplement brands redefining our attitudes to health.


1. The Nue Co.

Merging science and natural innovation The Nue Co.’s range of supplements include ‘THE PILL’ a topical supplement that includes a single daily does of every nutrient for the skin, Vitamins for gut health and much more. They also offer online tailored plans to pair you with the right products and deliver them to your door on a daily basis. Visit


The Nue Co.


2. The Beauty Chef

“Beauty begins in the belly” says Carla Oates, founder of Australian company The Beauty Chef. Our founder Huda swears by the brand’s Collagen Inner Beauty Boost – a bio-fermented probiotic concentrate designed to target firmness and fine lines, as well as giving a glowing, healthy look to your skin. Visit


The Beauty Chef



3. Bodyism

Dubbed “the supermodel’s secret weapon,” Bodyism’s health supplements are vegan and free from dairy and sugar. The brand offers a range of nutritional options from plant-based proteins created to re-invigorate your gut to beauty-boosting elixirs to help your skin glow. Visit