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What does your coffee say about you?

Did you know that your morning coffee order can reflect your personality? Your choice of brew is a surprisingly simple insight into your traits.


ICED LATTE – The Trendsetter

Ahead of the style pack, a trendsetter has no time for her morning coffee to cool down, so an iced latte is the perfect beverage to boost her energy and sharpen her fashion senses. 


CAPPUCCINO – The Creative

Those who take their time to ponder the next project are drawn to a foamy cup of cappuccino that helps them shape their next creation one sip at a time.


ESPRESSO – The Leader 

Hard working and confident, espresso drinkers are multi-taskers who like to keep busy. They own the latest It-accessory and are regularly spotted at a local Pilates studio. 


AMERICANO – The Minimalist

Americano drinkers like to keep thing simple — coffee is fuel, not a treat. They love classic staples and have a strong edit of blazers. 


MOCHACCINO – The Adventure Seeker

A free spirited adventurer, Mochaccino fans have the best traits of a creative person but with a touch of bohemia. Their feed is full of uncharted parts of the world and they regularly support environmental intiatives.


Which one are you?